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Welcome to the Colorado Miniatures website!

Our mission is to provide only the very best figure kits and figure modelling supplies to the Wargamer, Scale Modeller, and Historical Miniaturist. Illustrated below are some examples of the products that we carry.

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ALX-75002 Celtic Nobleman
Our Price: On Sale! $41.50
Alexander Miniatures ALX-75002
ANDR-SGF093 Freedom's Ride
Our Price: On Sale! $76.00
Andrea Miniatures ANDR-SGF093
AG-7011 Spanish Conquistador
Our Price: On Sale! $40.00
Art Girona AG-7011
CORP-35016 Panzer Officer Set
Our Price: On Sale! $23.75
Corpus CORP-35016
CRM-54007 Teutonic Grand Master, 1410
Our Price: On Sale! $63.25
Crecy Models CRM-54007
DES-150201 Capitaine Zaitseva
Our Price: On Sale! $64.00
DES Kit DES-150201
EVD-CB017 Hauptsturmfuhrer
Our Price: On Sale! $50.00
El Viejo Dragon EVD-CB017
EM-LMB02 Lara
Our Price: On Sale! $48.75
Elite Miniatures EM-LMB02
JMD-028 Sikh, 1914
Our Price: On Sale! $28.00
JMD Miniatures JMD-028
LM-5408 Rifleman, Sevastopol 1855
Our Price: On Sale! $25.75
Latorre Models LM-5408
MMIN-B07 "The Coronation"
Our Price: On Sale! $43.25
Michael Miniatures MMIN-B07
PM-54126 Norman Knight, 1160-1190
Our Price: On Sale! $27.25
Pegaso Models PM-54126
PPM-FA12 "Tampa Red", 1835
Our Price: On Sale! $47.25
PiLiPiLi Miniatures PPM-FA12
RM-54041 Templar Knight, 13th Century
Our Price: On Sale! $34.75
Romeo Models RM-54041
SM-H90007 Medieval Knight, 14th Century
Our Price: On Sale! $76.00
Seil Model SM-H90007
SLDT-35016 Cossack, 1943
Our Price: On Sale! $16.50
Soldati SLDT-35016
BOD-MB002 Soviet Rifleman
Our Price: On Sale! $33.00
The Body BOD-MB002
YM-H7003 42nd Regiment of Foot
Our Price: On Sale! $44.00
Young Miniatures YM-H7003
March 2, 2015
The SSL certificate used during checkout has been switched over to the default certificate available from Network Solutions, which provides the e-commerce software for this website. During the secure checkout process, the URL domain name in your browser will change to as a result of the switch in SSL certificates, but otherwise everything else is the same as it was when this site used a personalized SSL certificate. It just didn't make economic sense to spend to renew that certificate while Colorado Miniatures is in the process of selling off remaining inventory and shutting down.

February 2, 2015
Colorado Miniatures is going out of business. All remaining inventory is on sale at 20% off and the website listings are being updated each evening to reflect remaining inventory. There are still many good deals remaining. First come, first served.