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Welcome to the Colorado Miniatures website!

Our mission is to provide only the very best figure kits and figure modelling supplies to the Wargamer, Scale Modeller, and Historical Miniaturist. Illustrated below are some examples of the products that we carry.

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BEN-MV101 U.S.M.C. Rifleman, 1968
Our Price: On Sale! $26.00
Beneito Miniatures BEN-MV101
EVD-CB015 Commodus
Our Price: On Sale! $50.00
El Viejo Dragon EVD-CB015
EM-7037 Malatesta
Our Price: On Sale! $44.00
Elite Miniatures EM-7037
KNM-LOTR01 Boromir
Our Price: On Sale! $51.25
Knight Models KNM-LOTR01
LMR-7529 Confederate Cavalry
Our Price: On Sale! $34.50
La Meridiana Miniatures LMR-7529
LM-5410 Celt, 3rd Century B.C.
Our Price: On Sale! $25.75
Latorre Models LM-5410
LBM-B02 Fallschirmjaeger, 1944
Our Price: On Sale! $50.50
LB Miniatures LBM-B02
MIG-10307 The Old Pirate
Our Price: On Sale! $27.25
MIG Productions MIG-10307
MBP-SMHFM06 SMH: Figure Modelling 6
Our Price: On Sale! $19.50
MrBLACK Publications MBP-SMHFM06
PM-54157 French Dragoon
Our Price: On Sale! $38.00
Pegaso Models PM-54157
RM-54041 Templar Knight, 13th Century
Our Price: On Sale! $34.75
Romeo Models RM-54041
STLN-35096 SS Officer, 1941-1945
Our Price: On Sale! $14.25
Stalingrad STLN-35096
UEM-CR01 Lord Cornwallis, 1795
Our Price: On Sale! $36.00
United Empire Miniatures UEM-CR01
YM-7001 3rd Light Infantry, 1917
Our Price: On Sale! $44.00
Young Miniatures YM-7001
December 7, 2014
The 20% Off Inventory Closeout Sale has been extended to include all remaining inventory. The website listings are updated each evening to show only "in stock" items. There is still an abundance of good deals remaining, so take a look around. First come, first served.